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I'm Lesley and not long ago I was a fair weather paddler. Ripples in the ocean made me nervous.

Pain from my damaged rotator cuff shoulder injury had pushed me to the point of giving up paddling. Every outing would take days to recover from and when I was with a group I was often the slowest one. I had my kayak for sale and reluctantly I was ready to move on.  

I met Paulo owner of Dancing with the Sea at a Victoria Sea Kayaking Meet-up  and things soon changed. He introduced me to the Greenland paddle, it felt weird in my hands the first time I used it but the idea made sense. I committed to the new paddling style and before long I was not only comfortable in more challenging conditions I would look forward to the next outing and  hoping for waves and currents to play in.   Paulo taught me his 'Dancing with the Sea Paddling Method'.  Check out the The transformation video.  The button below will take you to are a few videos that I put together including Kayak in the Waves I shot last winter near Discovery Island. Have Fun!

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